Beatrice Ann "Pug" Finch

May 27, 2020

Love. More than anything else, Beatrice Ann “Pug” Finch, is known for her love. Helpful, giving, caring, selfless, she was all these things. And, she will continue to be all these things, because while she was among us, and still, in our memories, she gave nothing but herself.

Born on August 10, 1931 in Spring Garden, Pug was the youngest of nine siblings, a wonderful wife, attentive mother of two, and also a matriarch to a family which included four grandchildren and two great granddaughters. Accustomed to hard work, Pug grew up working on her parents’ tobacco farm. She was a classic mid-century American homemaker. Pug spent her days creating a haven for her husband and her children, a safe space full of unbridled energy and teeming with affection. She managed the household effectively and the comfort she provided was truly a shelter of tenderness and care.

Every evening Pug had a home-cooked meal on the table. She raised the children, mowed the grass, and cleaned the home. She kept the household all together as one. Pug was a member of Lane Memorial United Methodist Church and always made sure her young boys were at Sunday School every Sunday morning, usually followed by a visit to her mother’s home in Danville for a Sunday meal. Because of her husband’s nonstop work schedule, Pug was both mother and father. She taught her boys how to throw a ball, took them to Little League, and to Cub Scout and Boy Scout meetings, and no matter what else was going on, Pug attended every single sporting event in which they participated, until they graduated from high school. Without Pug, the home would have faltered. Yet, she never let that happen, despite her husband’s tiresome itinerary and the exertions of raising two young boys, virtually on her own. Pug was the absolute foundation of the Finch family: her love truly bound family and home together.

Always aware of her husband’s burden in providing for the family and running the family business, early in the boys’ lives she worked at the florist during the busy holiday periods. Pug was happy that she could do more to help her husband and alleviate maintaining the household. For Pug, work, in and outside her home, was the bread of life. It was meaningful, helpful, essential, and relevant. Work was the thing which kept the family functioning and it was just one more thing for which Pug always made time.

Despite her nonstop work, Pug was a great beauty and no matter what she was doing, was always dressed to the nines. Her long-standing weekly appointments at the beauty and the nail salons were a ritual and not to be missed, no matter the circumstance. Unfortunately, the quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted Pug’s beauty routine and she was quick to let her family know how out of sorts she was over her always meticulous appearance. However, despite not being able to get receive professional services, her family believes Pug’s beauty was immaculate and never faltered.

Pug did also delight in rest. When younger she loved the relationships she developed as a member of the Beta Sigma Phi Sorority. But, her greatest pleasure was playing cards and Bridge was her game. Highly competitive, Pug played at friends’ homes in the evenings and a few times a week, she gathered with her girlfriends to play in the afternoons. Pug even owned a computer which she used exclusively to play bridge. As a means of relaxation and a break from the endless chores and daily work of running the household, Pug found great joy in the small escape which a game of cards provided.

Just a short while ago, Pug lost her loving husband of sixty-five years, Bob. Bob’s death broke her heart and also, her will to live. Pug just didn’t want to go on without the man who had been at her side for so many wonderful years. She never seemed to recuperate from the shock of his death and Pug began to succumb to illnesses which had previously, only gently plagued her. More than once, she remarked that she didn’t want to go on without him: she despaired as greatly as she loved, so her family wasn’t surprised when Pug’s health began to fail.

However, Pug should be remembered as a survivor. From 1963 onwards, without taking radiation or chemotherapy treatments, she beat down cancer time after time. She also worked through three hip replacements, back surgery, and a three-way bypass. If singlehandedly raising children wasn’t a display of her strength and fortitude, certainly her courage in battling these various ailments is a testament to her vigorous constitution. Her battles with health, though quiet, graciously provided her family with a sense of stability, determination, and fearlessness. Doubtless, this is exactly how she would want those who loved her to confront the pain and fear of being without her.

Pug is survived by two sons, Rob Finch and his wife, Judy of Lynch Station and Mark Finch of Oconomowoc, WI; two sisters, Ruby F. Walton and her husband, Julian of Sutherlin and Jane F. Jones of Greensboro, NC. She was “Na-ne” to four grandchildren, Trey Finch and his wife, Brooke of Altavista, Tara Finch of Madison, WI, Jackson Finch of Edenton, NC, and Nicholas Finch of Pensacola, FL; and two great granddaughters, Austen Rylie Finch and Avery Camryn Finch.

In addition to her husband, Pug was preceded in death by one brother, D.H. Finch, Jr. and five sisters, Jewell F. Lewis, Christine F. Long, Emily F. Lewis, Rachel F. Durham, and Lois F. Chaffin.

A drive-in funeral service will be conducted at 2:00 p.m., Saturday, May 30, 2020 in the parking lot of Finch & Finch Funeral & Cremation Service, Altavista by the Rev. Ben Horrocks. While in the parking lot, please tune-in to 87.9 FM on your radio to listen to the service while within your automobile.
The family will greet friends following the service. Friends will drive through the portico for a few words with the family.

For those wishing to view Pug, viewing will be available from 2:00 until 9:00 p.m. Friday at the funeral home. For the protection of your health, proper health precautions and social distancing will be practiced.

The Finch family would like to extend a special thanks for the loving care provided by the staff at Gentle Shepherd Hospice and especially Vivian Wright-Farmer and her team of caregivers including, Delicia Smith, Tasia Tucker, Cambria Lee, Dominique Noel, Shelia Lee, Joyce Miller, Annette Tucker, Tanisha Rucker, Jade McCoy and Trudy Stone.

The family suggests that those wishing to make memorials consider Lane Memorial United Methodist Church, 1201 Bedford Ave., Altavista, VA 24517 or Altavista Area YMCA, 718 Seventh St., Altavista, VA 24517.

Please visit the online tribute at to share a memory or send a condolence to the family.

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