Betty Page Bristow

February 12, 2021

Betty Page Bristow, of Urbanna, VA, died suddenly on February 9, 2021. Betsy, as she was known by many, is survived by her daughter, Cynthia Page Bristow; her son, Charles Reginald Bristow and wife, Judy Lin Bristow; three grandsons, Kobe Franklin Bristow (16), Jett Lin Bristow (14) and Jock Lee Bristow (8). She is the daughter of the late Maude B. and Allen A. Waddill. She was preceded in death by her husband of 62 years, Charles M. Bristow Jr.

Betsy was well known for her flamboyant style and personality as well as her healthy flair for life. Her colorful and breezy style was pleasantly contrasted by her strong work ethic, grit and discipline to get things done. She participated in all aspects of her community and, like her husband Charles, believed that all-hands community participation was essential to life and the continued support of a thriving small-town. Betsy regularly dressed as if ready for a spontaneous gala or evening out, and those who knew her would not be surprised if she showed up with a splatter of paint on her clothes or jewelry from her tasks hours earlier. Her greatest love and passion were simply enjoying her friends and the people around her. Her daily joy was the operation of a retail women’s clothing and gift store that had followers from as far as Michigan to Florida. Cyndy’s Bynn, as it was named after her daughter, was a beautifully unique wonderland of colorful clothes, traditional gifts and robustly stylish décor that she helmed for 35 years. The store’s tag line accurately captured Betsy’s spirit: ‘Live-Love-Work-Play: In Style.’

Betsy generated memories faster than anyone, including herself, could catalogue them. She was off to an event. She would head off to visit her grandchildren, whom she loved dearly of course, and excuse herself the next morning with a list of things to do and places to go, often times a party that night. She was a study in contrasts and diversity. She came as close to a celebrity lifestyle in a small town as one could attain. Many nights she spent out to dinner and events with friends up until her death. She maintained a fresh balance of glamor blended with the heart of a little girl that appreciated life’s simple pleasures. She had the unique ability to walk through a room and spin it beautifully or render it a chaotic mess. She had a strong, vibrant presence and was quick to share a smile wherever she went. Often, she would give a big smile and a wave to someone and when asked who that was, she’d reply ‘I don’t know.’ Her tempo remained brisk. She personified the spirit of a well-rounded farm girl eager to dine and dance anytime or simply happy to dress up dolls and roll paint to brighten her world. She constantly focused on her friends and community, contributing however and wherever she could. She kept life in motion. Betsy was not the type to feel sorry for herself and was quick to address someone who was. Without hesitation, she’d let one know to shake things off and keep moving. She never missed snickering at a dirty joke. She came to this party of life to dance, literally and figuratively, and she did just that. Whether playing cards regularly with her girlfriends or poised with a glass of mint garnished iced-tea from her flower beds in the summer heat, freshly picked flowers stuffed in a can on the table, 40’s music swirling softly from an old radio through the open door, and lounging barefoot on her back porch with her feet propped up, Betsy was a true southern belle. On a sunny spring day, a rainbow would pale in comparison to her. She adored her husband, Charles, and complimented him as perfectly in personality as she did in style. She was anything but ordinary. She was truly extraordinary.

The family will receive friends at Faulkner Funeral Homes, Bristow-Faulkner Chapel in Saluda from 1 to 4 PM on Saturday, February 13, 2021. Please be advised that current state-mandated guidelines will apply to all in attendance, including social distancing and appropriate face coverings. There will be a private service on Sunday, February 14, at 1 o’clock however the family is arranging to have the service live-streamed for anyone wishing to attend remotely.

In lieu of flowers, the family welcomes contributions to the following organizations in remembrance of Betty Page Bristow:

Middlesex Volunteer Fire Department
P.O. Box 71
Urbanna, VA 23175

Middlesex Country Volunteer Rescue Squad
P.O. Box 98
Deltaville, VA 23043

Middlesex Sports Complex
P.O. Box 55
Hartfield, VA 23071

Urbanna Oyster Festival Foundation
Drawer C
Urbanna, VA 23175

Tidewater Funeral Directors Association

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